We are traveling through Norway via plane, train, ferry, foot, cruise and motorcycle (Mark's idea, not mine, but he won this thing and gets to call the shots).  Mark is the visual creator and designer.  Lindy is the voice behind the words - some of them.  

Mark's plan is to sketch, photograph and video our travels.  I'm in the midst of writing a memoir of our life BR (Before Ralph) and before kids.  Our journey has led two high school semi-sweet hearts through moves to Montana, two graduate degrees, two dogs, once cancer journey, two kids and a never ending home renovation.  Life married to an architect.  

Winning the Ralph Rapson was a goal of both of ours.  I say both because each one of these competitions is a team effort.  Mark creates and designs like crazy.  I move out of the house with the kids for the week.  Everyone involved sacrifices - a good sacrifice.  And now on to the experience of a life time!