Flying over Lake Erie on our way to Amsterdam the sun set cascades pinks, purples, gray and blue throughout the sky. Detroit has always been good to us, the airport that is. We’ve never set foot outside of the airport, always flying through. I’ve heard great and not so great about Detroit, but at this point if love for an airport transferred to the city its in. We would LOVE Detroit.

When you walk off the plane and enter the terminal life just feels good. That could be the euphoric feelings overcoming us of not worrying about finding the nearest restroom to change a diaper. Or chase Walter because he just ran off with a strangers rolling luggage. That kid loves anything with wheels. It’s just us, the way it was fourteen years ago or even three years ago for that matter.

Miles of glass, ease of navigation, the leather and polished stainless seating, and the height of the space simply puts a person at ease. The last time we landed in Detroit was 2010 on our way to Florida. Mark struck up a conversation with a WWI fighter pilot that flew for Doolittle. Today we visited with a Scottish turned American couple that has lived across the globe.

We shared our story and vice versa through conversation which of course landed on kids. Jane had just woken from her nap back home and Walter was still power napping. Their boys are in their 20’s and her Scottish brogue broke everyones laughter with, “you are in the thick of it!” When we shared our kids ages, one and almost three.

As our anxiety from leaving the kiddos started to wain we felt vacation mode creeping in. This Caesar Salad and BLT had never tasted so good! Remind you we are seated in the Detroit airport. That is how parenthood tricks you, it’s not the food or necessarily even the space, it’s having moments of time where your mind isn’t racing against the clock of nap times and stacked laundry or finishing a stud wall for the basement bathroom.

Besides studying architecture and geography of Norway we will be getting our minds back. For two entire weeks our responsibilities shift to focusing on beauty, travel, being still in the moment and a little bit of risk on the motorcycle. In hours we’ll touch down in Oslo to start our exploration and rejuvenation. Time to take in another culture, cityscape and landscape and fall in love with Norway and this little life we’ve built together.

Posted by Lindy