We dropped our bags from the train at our apartment and immediately headed out to explore.  The skies had cleared up and the sun was now shining on Oslo.  We headed to the Opera House done by Snohetta and took our time experiencing the interior, the roof walk and the outdoor café that overlooked the harbor. 

The beautiful part of the Oslo Opera House is how interactive this building becomes with every visitor.  During the walk to the roof top massive panes of glass allow one to see their reflection with the city of Oslo behind them.  Get closer and look past the reflection into the interior open to below space detailed in oak slat work. 

I love this photo of a young boy experiencing this walk for the first time.  That at a young age he has been given access to learn and experience art, architecture and ask questions about the opera.  "Mom, what is the opera like? Can we come back to see the opera?"

That is what can be so important and humbling about architecture.  How does an architect create a space that allows people to interact with the building while highlighting the importance of purpose?  Hundreds of people dine, walk, and ride their bikes to the roof top to take in the best view of the city.  The Oslo Opera House brings people together to enjoy the art of opera, or even for now plant the seed to one day experience the opera.

Lindy & Mark