Soooooo. Rough day. Imagine my disappointment when we walk to pick up our yellow Kawasaki Versys for our fantastic journey and realize that I (Mark) made a very major booking error. This was a highly noodled, finely planned trip. Prior to leaving home I spent hours on google maps in the wee hours of the morning driving every inch of each tourist route in Norway.  But I missed one thing.

I booked the motorcycle for Oslo, not in Bergen. Eight hours away in the city we left the day before. 

The motorcycle shops have similar names and I got my wires crossed.  So we did the walk of shame to Avis and rented a Kia Rio in disappointment silver for the rest of the trip. Lindy was fine with this, I didn't speak for 2-3 hours or so. More upset with myself than I ever have been. Oh well, keep calm and carry on, now with two more wheels.

Update: Turns out it wasn't the worst choice for how much rain we had in the upcoming days.