Beautiful morning spent in Frogner Park. Gustav Vigeland’s sculptures seemed like multiple life times worth of work scattered throughout the park. Throughout the city we stumbled upon more Vigeland sculptures and families representing live scenes of the sculpture. Little kids and families strolled throughout parks and sidewalks, ate ice cream cones and ventured on the tram and bus lines. Daily life played out before our eyes in Norway yet are captured in bronze, stone and metal for a lifetime.

Every piece of art captured joyful play to intimate times of prayer and consoling. Our journey took us through the promenade centered on the fountain, continued up the terraced walls to the monolithe then sphere of life at the highest point in the park. As we setup the camera for a time lapse session a tour group arrived at the top and the women took group photos. They laughed, jumped for joy and enjoyed every second. You can see the women jumping in the video as well. Makes for some fun memories. 

Our favorite scene of the day was watching hundreds of kids outside playing. They wore yellow or green vests escorted through town by one male and one female teacher. They ran up hills, rolled back down, chased, laughed and played. I looked at Mark and said, “If Walt did this all day long, he would be exhausted.” 

Post by Lindy and Mark