The sun was finally out and the day was beautiful. Boys showed off their best cannon ball jumps into the fjord in an attempt to impress the near by girls. Children shrieked and laughed from the beach adjacent to the ferry dock in front of the Walaker Hotel.  

The hotel’s garden drew us in and we decided on a slightly shaded table under a plum tree to enjoy a drink. The Norwegian flag waved to us from behind the barns which made a barrier between us and the towering cliffs.  Towards the water a well-manicured hedge separated the garden from the beach.

It was our first moment of rest and relaxation since before we left the states.  All we could do in this moment was wait for the returning ferry, sip our drinks and enjoy each others company.  Lovely to be here and quiet in this moment.  A time lapse was being filmed from the tree branch that overlooked our table but what beautiful footage.  Great multi-tasking I say.  

Lindy Stankey