Saturday morning we woke while the kids were hurrying out the door for soccer tournaments.  Sarah prepared tea on the deck and we sat and visited about their life in Norway.  How it differed from life in the states, the good and the difficult.  But mostly the good of going to work down the hill and allowing your six and ten year old to play at home with friends.  Giving kids freedom to walk to school and downtown for a lunch visit. Not worrying about locking doors or crime or over-parenting your kids by spotting them constantly on every swing set in town.  It’s how we grew up in the states.  It’s the same still in Europe or at least in Norway.

We are so grateful for the time we spent with this amazing family.  It was the perfect time.  Beautiful weather with beautiful people.  Thank you Olav, Sarah, Spencer, Kate and Caroline!  

Lindy Stankey