What's in a name?

The name PLAAD, while an acronym for the Practice of Lasting Art, Architecture and Design, has a more nuanced meaning for us. Plaid, as a textile concept, has a rich history.  The "tartan" plaid itself has been dated at nearly 3,000 years old.  Plaid is equally comfortable as a relaxed weekend flannel shirt or as a refined tartan, gingham, tattersall or windowpane check.  The concept behind a plaid is quite simple: the weaving of multiple disparate elements into a unified whole. The outcome is at once varied and familiar, robust, and in the end, timeless. At PLAAD,  we have one common goal: to create thoughtful architecture while providing meaningful, personal and dedicated service to each of our clients.

Crafting the Poetry of Space

We are architects and designers and we think we are pretty good at what we do. But first and foremost, we are people. We are husbands, fathers and friends who understand how an intimately crafted space can augment a life well-lived. 

Some of our fondest memories are created within architecture: around the warmth of a fire, with the stone hearth radiating heat well after the fire has subsided, providing just enough warmth to finish the last story before lumbering up to bed...by the feeling of a cool stone floor underfoot when one sneaks into the kitchen late at night...the sound of the screen door hissing shut on a lazy summer afternoon...the rattle of the rain on the metal roof or the colors picked up by candlelight during the waning hours of a dinner with friends and family.